I love to sew, craft, all kinds of DIY. Some things I’m pretty good at, some I just leave for someone else. Recently a new antique mall/flea market opened in our area. Having more project material than I will ever be able to complete, I decided to rent a booth. Ronnie, my best half, agreed it would be a great idea IF I completed the projects and sold what I already have and not buy stuff to sell.

If only you didn’t need to spend money to make money, personal business would be great! For the most part, I have stuck to his wishes, but a move and Christmas rearranged my life and my stuff. I have purchased a few small things just to keep the booth looking full.

Last week I was looking at a local FB resale sight and bam! Right before my eyes, posted “just now” was a side table for $2.00. I was shocked but thought I could paint that and sell it in the booth so I commented “want” and scrolled on. Bam! Same lady, small desk with a hinged extension $1.00 – “want”. I was shortly on my way to pick up these great finds. It was obvious from the picture that the desk had been spray painted but nothing I couldn’t cover up.

Honestly, I almost left the dollar and the desk. It was a sad little thing with runs and drips. Imagine a faded giraffe print, maybe? It was, however, sturdy and the hinged drop down was great. “It’s only $1 and a little time, I can do this.” White chalk paint and a smooth brush covered the spray paint gone wrong. The can clearly stated that it would cover blemishes on most any surface and it did.

The next morning when all was nice and dry, I started the process of putting on sealing wax. I loved it! As I stood there gazing at it with a “YES!” kind of smile, I noticed that a circle had appeared. The paint had completely covered the glass ring, but the wax highlighted it.

In that moment, I was reminded that life leaves marks on us that are not always visible. We cover them up and then the simplest thing can suddenly reveal where an injury of some sort occurred. Only Jesus can make all things new. When we allow Him, He will redeem us and trade our scars for His. He is the Master of Fix Her Upper.

I finished the desk, yes I left the faint ring because I felt like it told a story. The side table and it’s imperfections were refinished with the same chalk paint and sealer as was a small bench. All the perfectly imperfect pieces are sitting in the booth waiting for someone who loves imperfect pieces.