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Dream or Fairytale?

It’s January, the beginning of a new year and new decade. Yesterday was MLK Day and social media was filled with quotes from Dr. King’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. Rightfully, his intense words of wisdom which articulated his dream for the world rang in our ears again. Sadly, he did not live to see that dream come true but he moved toward the dream and people are still following.

A fresh beginning means we can leave behind last years “stuff”. This is THE year of making it happen. I felt for most of 2019 that 2020 would be the year of clearly seeing the vision or dream become reality.

We all have dreams for the day, the year, our life, career, retirement, kids, grandkids, ministry and so on. What takes us from mere fairytale to dream is the effort put forth to make it become reality.

Until the day teachers no longer wrote personal notes on my report card, the remarks were the same. “Melba is a daydreamer”. I’m sure there are special medical terms for that now, but I could never make myself be still enough in the moment to enjoy it. I was always thinking about all the other things that could be happening if I weren’t confined to that desk.

Look inside your dream and ask yourself what step can you take toward to seeing that dream become reality. Do you need to simply eat smaller portion, read a book, enroll in a class, clean a drawer or closet, update your resume, write a list or first paragraph? I am about to push publish on this post that I wrestled with for hours. I wrote and deleted it more times than I care to admit, but this post another step away from fairytale.

Dream or fairytale? If we only sit and whine to ourselves about the confinement, we have settled for a fairytale. Dreams become reality only when take action. Take a moment to think and pray about it then get up and move toward seeing your dream become reality.

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  1. Amen 🙏 Thank you for theses encouraging words 🙌❤️

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