Finally!!! I have a quiet moment to say the last about fixing the Money Thing I plan to say.

Until you are ready to be honest with yourself and ready to make radical budget changes, fixing the Money Thing will not happen. It takes work, it takes determination, it takes saying “NO!” to distractions. Tears will probably be shed, moments may be tense, the cost may seem high. IT IS WORTH IT!!! There is no way to fix the Money Thing without a budget.

Honestly evaluate what you make, your bills, and what you actually spend. It’s scary how fast $10 here and there adds up! The pain of changing is nothing compared to the joy of being free from the deceitfulness of riches. I’m going to leave what I could spend the rest of my life talking about with a few bullet points of lessons learned.

  • It is not easy but worth it
  • Budget is a must
  • Giving and tithing and are critical
  • You can NOT out give God
  • Eating out is a budget trap
  • “I deserve to spend it” is a lie
  • Your kids will survive it
  • Television and internet are NOT critical utilities
  • Christmas is not a license for credit card debt and careless spending
  • Emergencies happen without warning
  • A roll of quarters is not as easy to spend as a $10 bill
  • Envelopes are your friends
  • “It’s not in the budget” sounds more intelligent than “we can’t afford it”
  • Don’t stop because it’s hard
  • If we can do it, you can too
  • Start NOW, tomorrow never comes