I spent my adult working life at the same corporation. I had only been married a few months when I started. With all my family and friends living a couple hundred miles away, those people quickly became my family. I learned so much from them, the good, the bad and the ugly.

My last job, several years in, was to help with a startup division. I walked in the building my first day with a pink “while you were out” pad (I know I just dated myself) and an ink pen. There was a desk and a chair and the phone was ringing. It was great! I got to choose most everything. It was a lot of hard work but I loved it until…

The day came that we had to have employees for operate the plant. In a growing town where a major employer had just laid off bunches of people, applications and resumes, came flooding in. People who knew Ronnie’s wife (that’s me) worked there began to call needing an “in”. Lots and lots of good people, hard working, experienced, desperate people wanting to work applied. It was overwhelming!

Parameters had to be set to start the weeding out process of a huge stack of applicants for only a few jobs. Tears ran down my face, between the sobbing bathroom runs, while I told people “you are not qualified”. I knew it wasn’t true, but their resume didn’t say the right things. Their level of education didn’t match the requirements. I knew in my knower that horrible mistakes were being made, but there was nothing I could do.

We’ve all seen or experienced it somewhere – UNQUALIFIED! The task set before us is greater than the skill set within us. God places tasks before us, gives dreams and visions that far exceed our limitations and we can’t imagine why He would pick us. God is not looking for a set of fabricated sentences that make us appear to be superheroes. He is looking for a availability. God never calls or raises up the one that makes the most sense to everyone else. He says “My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts”.

I left that company 10 years after the startup and that division ultimately failed and was closed. I will always wonder what if the “unqualified” had been chosen.

You are chosen, you are enough, He will qualify you.