Nineteen years ago we got the report no one ever wants to get-cancer. Cancer, it’s a horrible ugly word but faith is bigger. Jesus paid for healing in the same death that paid for salvation. No lack of faith here, Daddy will be healed, all will be well.

For the next nine months we did what the doctor said, took treatments, prayed, cried, believed, struggled, wrestling all the while with believing for something we never got to see. We had good days and bad days, fun days and sad days. Then…Jesus took Daddy to heaven. Whoa!Wait! What?! This is not what we prayed and believed for. There’s no way to adequately describe the feeling of having everything in you torn and shattered, the struggle of trying to just breath.

Grief is not the same as a lack of faith. Faith placed in Jesus is not wasted. “It is appointed unto man once to die”. It’s a promise, just like all the happy ones. Death for a Christian is a promotion but knowing the truth does not make losing the ones we love easy. The mind battle of “God, why?”

Grieving is a part of loss. The deeper the love, the deeper the grief. There is no formula, specific time period, format, or deadlines for grieving. If you have suffered loss and your heart is broken, it’s okay to not be okay. Jesus went to the tomb of a dear friend and wept. He knew from the beginning that mourning was going to be a part of our lives. In Matthew 5, He just went ahead in His most famous sermon and covered it. “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”. I reread it and sure enough, no indication that mourning over those we love is a lack of faith. BLESSED are they that mourn.