Saturday mornings were amazing for me as a kid. It was everyone’s “day off” and cartoons were in all three of the television channels. That’s right ALL three – 4,7 & 11. It was great but I was always amazed that Momma was not excited about our early rising to get started. She wanted us up early Monday through Friday for school and Sunday for church but thought it would be good if we slept in on our day off. But why?!

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I understood Saturday is not for watching cartoons, Saturday Is a cartoon! We became a bunch of crazy people running around the house with little people messing, Daddy trying to watch NOT cartoons on the only TV while I’m fantasizing about a day off. “Why can’t we just be like normal people?” Who was I kidding? We were normal people assuming that everyone else had it all together with a clean house, laundry caught up (is that even possible?), money for a Saturday funday out with the family. Please! Someone tell me I’m not the only one who thought everyone had together except me and was ashamed for anyone to know.

I was tired beyond words! I was overwhelmed with not enough money. I wanted a clean house. I wanted the laundry finished. I wanted to take the kids fun places. I wanted to go on a date with my husband. I wanted to shopping. I wanted all the things that I thought every good parent was doing for their kids. I had ONE day to do it.

We all survived. My kids are raising kids and life is still a cartoon. What I wish I had know then and have to constantly remind myself now is life is made of moments! Don’t miss life’s grandest moments looking for a grand life.

Whatever your day looks like today, look for moments and celebrate them. We laugh at cartoons because of the crazy things that happen. Laugh at your own crazy cartoon!