Deceitfulness of riches, I always read that part and felt pretty good about myself. I had no “riches” so surely I was winning in that part of the game.

Ronnie and I both worked and we tried to be smart about our money. We were both taught about the importance of tithing. We never doubted that God would provide for our needs but really thought things we wanted were unattainable fantasies. We started dreaming about how we would spend our income tax refund before Christmas. The reality of something is going to break and require that refund struck annually. Getting a little ahead only to have extra expense take the extra money plus some seemed to be our norm.

The constant nagging in those times convinced us that more money would solve it all. The felt need would surely be met if we could somehow make more money. If we made as much money as this one or that one our troubles would be over.

There are so many stories I could share but it would take far more than moments. The moment that changed our world happened after I requested prayer for a financial miracle. Earline White, a precious woman of God, was praying beside me and I heard her call my name. I started listening closely as I was certain that whatever she asked God for I would get. Much to my disappointment she prayed, “God, thank you for blessing Ronnie and Melba with good jobs. Give them wisdom to handle the money you’ve provided for them”.

God began a work in us that night that He is still working in us. We had to fix the money thing. Having money doesn’t fix it. That’s part of the deceitfulness. The money thing has to be fixed in our heart before it will ever be fixed in our wallet.

I’m certainly no expert in financial planning, but I will share over a few posts the things I’ve learned that has been life changing for us.