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The Money Thing

Jesus told a parable about sowing seeds in different types of soils and the results produced. In His explanation He referenced “the deceitfulness of riches”. He noted this deceitfulness as being something that choked out the seed .

I’ve heard, read, and taught this parable as long as I can remember. Only recently I had a moment when it occurred to me that Jesus was not saying riches were deceitful. He was not saying that having riches made one deceitful. “The deceitfulness OF riches” speaks to the perspective. Worries about the lack of money is as damaging to our relationship with God as the arrogance of much money.

Because too many words on a post uses too many moments to read, I’m going to leave it with this: Do I have…

Not enough?

Just barely enough?

Enough and none to spare?

More than enough?

Regardless of which answer fits, is it a a subject that causes stress? If the answer is “yes”, then the deceitfulness of riches is a care of this world that is adversely affecting your productivity and relationship with God.

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  1. good word sis. I guess my answer would be not enough sometimes and just enough others but I try not to stress and I try to trust God, So I would say Lord I believe but help thou my un belief.

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